Waiver and Consent Form

Please ensure the following form is completed in full prior to your dog’s first visit. Click Here for a PDF Copy. Blank forms are also available for pickup at daycare or

Daycare Waiver And Consent

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This Waiver shall be in effect unless otherwise revoked in writing by the Owner. A current Waiver must be on file in order for dog(s) to attend daycare or any other programs offered by the Daycare.

Owner represents the following (please initial by each statement):

Medical Release

In the event that a medical emergency arises while my dog(s) is in the care of the Daycare, Daycare will seek emergency medical treatment for the dog(s) at the nearest possible vet facility. Daycare will notify Owner of any emergency illness or injury as soon as possible.

I understand that in the event of a medical emergency that Daycare, in its sole discretion, deems it appropriate to seek immediate attention of a licensed veterinarian, I will be financially responsible for any medical treatment my dog(s) receives as a result of the emergency. I further authorize Daycare to transport my dog(s) to an emergency veterinary clinic, and to seek and authorize any emergency medical treatment deemed necessary by a treating veterinarian prior to my arrival at the emergency treatment location.

With my signature below, I certify that I have read and understand the agreement and waivers. I agree to abide by the regulations and accept all terms and conditions as set out.

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