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Fun That’s Off The Leash

Welcome to Buddy & Friends Dog Daycare—a bark-tacular haven where tails wag, paws play, and furry friends have the time of their lives! We are more than just a daycare; we’re a paw-some community that celebrates the infinite love and joy that dogs bring into our lives.

At Buddy & Friends, we understand that every dog is special with their own unique style. That’s why we’ve created individualized play areas tailored to different sizes and temperaments. Small dogs can frolic in their own pint-sized paradise, while large woofers can join the big dog den.

From the moment your precious pup steps its paws into our daycare, they’ll find fluffy camaraderie and boundless amusement! Our state-of-the-art facility is decked out with toys that’ll make your pup grin from ear to ear and cozy beds for post-playtime slumber.

Rest assured, our team of experienced and certified pet-loving professionals will keep a watchful eye on your furry friends at all times though. Safety is our top priority, and we have a strict “pawsitivity-only” policy.