Dog Daycare in Hoffman NY

Fun That’s Off The Leash

At Buddy & Friends Dog Daycare in Hoffman, we cherish the happiness and companionship that dogs offer. We go beyond providing just daycare; we foster a lively atmosphere where every dog feels at home. Nestled in the vibrant community of Tonawanda, our center delivers a secure, engaging, and affectionate space specifically tailored for your canine family members.

Designed with your dog’s well-being in mind, our daycare boasts diverse areas to accommodate dogs of every size and disposition:

  • Petite Pooch Playground: A delightful space where smaller dogs can mingle and play.
  • Canine Country Club: A sturdy play zone for larger breeds to explore and enjoy.

From their first step into our facility, your dog will enter a place filled with fun and new friendships. We offer state-of-the-art features, including a variety of stimulating toys to keep dogs active and snug spots for resting after a day of play.

At Buddy & Friends Dog Daycare in Hoffman, ensuring safety and fostering a positive environment are fundamental to our approach. Our team is made up of passionate, certified professionals committed to creating a caring and consistently safe setting, always adhering to our “pawsitive vibes only” policy.

Dog Daycare Play Area
Dog Daycare Office

Every playday at our dog daycare supports a great cause at Buddy’s Second Chance Dog Rescue!

Our commitment goes beyond just caring for your pets. By choosing our daycare, you are directly helping us rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs who are desperately waiting for their second chance at life. Together, with your trust in our services, we can provide loving forever homes for these deserving pups.

Buddy’s Building

Our new facility is designed specifically for dogs! It has two spacious rooms, one for large dogs and one for small dogs, where they can meet new friends and burn off excess energy.

Dog Tested - Vet Approved

Our furry friends are temperament tested to ensure we know who they will play with best. We also require all of our canine guests to be fully vetted, up to date on shots and spayed or neutered.

See Spot Run

We know it can be hard to say goodbye to man’s best friend for the day but with our Buddy’s birds-eye-view cameras, you can tune in and watch in real-time as your pooch has a doggone good time!

Dog Daycare in Hoffman

So, if your furry pal is in need of a day filled with fun, companionship, or just a touch of pampering, Buddy & Friends is your go-to spot. We’re confident that your dog will head home wagging their tail, sporting a big grin, and having made some new furry buddies.

Become part of our family today and discover the unique experience at Buddy & Friends Dog Daycare—where every tail enjoys a waggin’ good time and every pawprint tells a story! Schedule your dog’s next great outing with us and watch the excitement unfold!

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