Are you feeling the tug of pet parenthood but want to ensure it’s a match made in heaven? Look no further than Buddy’s Rescue.

As you may or may not know – every day of play at Buddy & Friends Dog Daycare helps support other dogs who need a home at Buddy’s Second Chance Dog Rescue! We are dedicated to giving back to our furry friends in need. So we’re excited to share two fantastic options that could lead you to the paw-sitive connection you’ve been dreaming of.

Adoption Events: A Heartwarming Experience

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action by attending one of our lively adoption events! These gatherings are more than just opportunities to bring home a furry friend; they’re chances to create lasting memories and discover the potential paw-sibilities of a new best friend. Get up close and personal with our lovable companions, indulge in meet-and-greets, and let the magic of connection unfold before your eyes.

Our upcoming events are always announced on our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out for the latest updates. But wait, there’s more! Enjoy smooches galore – absolutely free – with every event. Who knows? You might just find yourself head-over-paws in love with your future four-legged family member!

Test the Waters Before Taking the Plunge

For those who prefer to test the waters before fully committing to pet parenthood, our Foster to Adopt program is tailor-made for you! If you’re pre-approved to adopt, keep an eye out for our foster-to-adopt pre-selected pup posts. These adorable posts feature potential companions waiting for their forever homes.

Once you spot your potential new best friend, simply follow the instructions on the back of your approval card. Your selected furry friend will arrive, and if it’s a love story for the ages, congratulations! You’re now the proud paw-rent of a rescue pup. This program allows you to experience the joy of having a pet in your home while ensuring that the match is perfect for both you and your new companion.

Your Journey to Furry Companionship

Whether you dive into the excitement of our adoption events or opt for the Foster to Adopt program, the end result is the same – a loving home for a deserving furry friend and a lifetime of companionship for you. Your paw-sitively perfect match is just a heartbeat away.

Join us in the pursuit of paw-sitive connections, and let’s find your perfect match together!